Coronavirus Situation Information

Emergency measures due to COVID-19 and PCC building operation

Due to measures issued by the Government of the Czech Republic, we present safety and hygiene procedures for the reopening of our premises to public.


Compliance with safety rules:

All the visitors entering the PCC building are obliged to use hand disinfection. Disinfection is available at each entrance and the temperature inspection is performed by a security guard. People with any symptoms of infectious diseases should stay at home and contact their doctor for preventive reasons.



If there is a reasonable suspicion of the occurrence of a serious respiratory disease, entering the building may be prevented.
For preventive reasons or if there is a reasonable concern the authorized employees can measure temperature of the employees, eventually visitors. Based on valid legal regulations on personal data protection, no information about the employees nor visitors will be shared and stored.

Basic rules of hygiene:

All persons in the PCC facilities are obliged tofollow the instructions of the authorized PCC employees, especially the security guards, fire brigade of the PCC, security and production department.


Basic hygiene and safety standards for employees and the public in the building of the Prague Congress Centre:



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